Honey Rose Vape Cartridge


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Buy Honey Rose Vape Cartridge. Honey Rose Clear Atomizer Oil is a flowery Indica that is great for sleep and relaxation. It’s earthy aroma and floral taste is delicious to the senses.

Clear Atomizer Oil is a step above regular Hash Oil, because it uses the most sophisticated multi-stage extraction and pouring process available on the market. Clear Atomizer Oil uses CO2 and other fluorocarbons to extract the medicine. SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) is a method of using high pressure to force a solvent through plant matter. In our case, the solvent we use is carbon dioxide. When the solvent is pushed through the plant matter at such a high pressure, it can separate the matter precisely, which allows us to isolate only the purest essence of our botanicals. CO2 extraction or SFE is known for being a very effective way to extract beneficial essences from plant matter. In this specific case, cannabis. This method is not only used for cannabis concentrates, but is also used to create pure essential oils and to strip out or separate different elements of botanicals. Many popular products are manufactured using this type of method. Such products include: herbal essential oils, hops for beer, high value pharmaceutical precursors, and decaffeinated coffee. Clear Atomizer Oil has a THC content of 35% where Terpene profiles in some products are added for flavor. At the end process, Polyethylene Glycol is added to the oil so it can be used as an E-Pen.

Buy Honey Rose Vape Cartridge. Clear Atomizer Oil is a great form of immediate relief for all your medical needs. Clear Atomizer Oil is especially promising for patients. While many consider terpenes to offer only aroma and flavor, much research points toward the synergistic effect produced when cannabinoids and terpenes work together to deliver medical efficacy for a wide variety of ailments. Clear Atomizer Oil, due to its low potency, is great for minor headaches, pains, and is easy to control your dosage. Unlike edibles, Clear Atomizer Oil is fast acting so if you need immediate relief but do not want to be too heavy under the influence like edibles, then Clear Atomizer Oil is the medicine you should use.

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